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As a local government authority, Krokoms Kommun is responsible for providing essential public services and fostering the population’s well-being within its jurisdiction. Krokoms Kommun’s mission is to create a thriving, sustainable, attractive community for all residents, enabling a high quality of life, economic growth, and social cohesion.

In the middle of Sweden, between the city and the mountains, Krokom Municipality is bursting with life. People move here. This is where ideas thrive, where companies grow, and life itself takes its place. In Krokom Municipality, there are 193 villages that, together with the ever-present nature, leave their mark on the area. Ciao Krokom – where everyone is welcome! – Krokom Municipality

3 KITCHENS is led by Krokoms Kommun Labour Market & Integration Unit who work with migrants who have arrived in Sweden. It is their experience that migrant women have fewer opportunities in the labour market and in entrepreneurship, so the Krokoms Kommun team are eager to learn from other organisations in Europe that have strengths in this regard.

Krokoms Kommun

Working in the city of Bordeaux with its multicultural heritage of 53 nationalities living in the community, Le LABA (Laboratoire d’Arts basé en Aquitaine) is a non-profit association based in the South-West region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, which develops and supports cooperation projects in the fields of inclusion, culture including the food culture, health, tourism and heritage. As a skills centre, it works on challenges related to employment and entrepreneurship, formal and informal education and inclusion. Le LABA offers specialised support to entrepreneurs who want to start a project in the culinary field and has led key food projects, including:

KUSKUS enables low-skilled adults and people with migrant backgrounds to develop entrepreneurial skills by exploring opportunities in the culinary sector. With a focus on “world cuisines”, it aims to promote adult learners’ cultural and culinary heritage.

Street Food for Youth Opportunities (SFOFY) enables young people to develop entrepreneurial skills by exploring business opportunities in the street food sector.

Marie Curry’s ambition is to support women who are beneficiaries of international protection with the right to reside and work in France, have an immigrant background, are passionate about cooking, and wish to turn that passion into a professional project. This is true regardless of their origin, age and profile. So, Marie Curry is an inclusive and sustainable culinary project in the Bordeaux area that highlights the diverse culinary heritage and the active integration of refugee and immigrant women in the kitchen via salaried employment. It operates several relevant initiatives:

A catering service to promote migrant women’s know-how and their culinary heritage: two full-time employees (a Mauritian chef and a Tajik cook) + occasional collaborations with independent cooks and chefs from our community to professionalise them and promote their cuisine

A culinary entrepreneurship support programme to train refugee and immigrant women as chefs and business owners.

A restaurant which has created permanent salaried positions for migrant women.

Irish adult educators Momentum are passionate about creating a brighter future for the food industry AND empowering individuals from all walks of life. Its main focus is developing progressive learning programmes and platforms in the food economy that align with labour market needs and sustainability development goals. In particular, they believe in breaking down barriers and opening doors for those with fewer opportunities in the labour market. Entrepreneurship is an area that is close to their hearts. As female-founded educators, they are committed to making the food sector more accessible for everyone, regardless of gender, race, or demographic background. As proud members of the Irish Diversity Charter and signatories of the EU Pact for Skills, Momentum is committed to creating a more inclusive, sustainable future and helping migrant women realise their dreams in the food industry.

GWAEU is a Dutch foundation specifically focused on addressing social exclusion and promoting innovation among minority ethnic communities across Europe, with a strong emphasis on empowering women. The organisation is dedicated to working with disadvantaged groups, including female migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and older women.

The Netherlands has a long history of cultural diversity and has welcomed immigrants from various backgrounds. However, women from these communities often face additional challenges regarding social inclusion and labour market integration. GWAEU seeks to address these issues by utilising its expertise in social innovation to empower women, build their confidence and help them thrive in their new environment.

Go-Woman Alliance Europe (GWAEU)

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