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How To Benefit

Through 3 Kitchens, 3 Paths to Empowerment, we offer much needed supports:

Kitchen 1

Build on the culinary know-how of our migrant woman and “cuisines of the world” as a catalyst for employment and entrepreneurship skills.

Kitchen 2

Skills in sustainable food production – kitchen-based skills programme.

Kitchen 3

Opportunities and skills in social inclusion, cultural exchange, and community building.

The kitchens all cater to different aspects of empowerment and integration for migrant women, focusing on volunteering, employment, and entrepreneurship in the food industry. They will meet needs via essential work packages (WPs).

WP2 - First Step Volunteering Kitchen: 

This WP aims to enable migrant women to participate in volunteering projects and develop soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. By engaging in volunteer work, women can build their confidence, expand their networks, and gain valuable experience that can be leveraged in their future careers.

The First Step Volunteering Kitchen is powerful because it focuses on social integration and skill-building through volunteer work in local kitchens. It encourages participants to learn and share recipes, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

WP3 - Steps to Employment Kitchen:

This WP focuses on designing and piloting an employability program specifically for migrant women seeking careers in the food industry. It covers technical skills, workplace skills, language and communication skills, job search support, mentorship, and industry connections. These comprehensive and tailored training programs will equip migrant women with the necessary skills and resources to enter the food industry as an employee successfully.

The Steps to Employment Kitchen is powerful because it enhances employability by providing professional culinary training. Participants gain practical skills and certifications, making them competitive candidates for jobs in the food industry.

WP4 - Low Barriers to Entrepreneurship Kitchen:

This WP aims to provide migrant women with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to start small-scale, low-cost food businesses. It will offer tailored training materials and tools delivered by adult educators.

The Low Barriers to Entrepreneurship Kitchen is powerful because it offers entrepreneurial training, guiding participants in starting their own culinary ventures. It focuses on business skills, financial literacy, and market understanding, empowering women to establish their own businesses.

Who will benefit? The 3 Kitchens project delivers benefits for 4 target groups:

1 Adult educators, community and informal-based educators, e.g. folkbildning activities in Sweden.

2 Migrant women who face socio-economic disadvantages.

3 Community and inclusion NGOs that work to support migrant women and their families.

4 Municipalities and policymakers can assist by developing inclusive policies to support migrant women’s integration into the labour market and society.

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