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Welcome to 3 Kitchens

Food is an important aspect of culture and identity. It can be a powerful starting point for migrant women to share their cultural heritage and build connections with their local communities. Our 3 KITCHENS project is an adult education initiative to empower migrant women in three key areas: volunteering, employment, and entrepreneurship. It offers a nurturing space where they can connect with their culinary heritage, acquire new skills, and gain confidence.

Food is an important aspect of culture and identity. Cooking is one of the few things women take with them in exile.
We will unlock the social power of the kitchen, both as a physical space and its social power as a cultural symbol.
Our goal is to boost the social & economic integration of migrant women using the power of their culinary heritage.
Let's contribute to a more inclusive, climate-smart, and culturally diverse food economy.
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We deliver on 3 key priorities of the ERASMUS+ programme:

1Creating upskilling pathways via highly accessible adult education.

2Environment and fight against climate change.

Our Sustainability Kitchen will upskill our learners to incorporate sustainable practices, environmental consciousness, and sustainable sourcing and encourage using plant-based ingredients and local produce.

3 Inclusion and Diversity

By explicitly catering to the unique needs of migrant women from diverse backgrounds. The 3 Kitchens project employs a variety of culturally sensitive strategies to ensure equal opportunities and success by adapting engagement and teaching methods for our target group, accommodating different learning styles, cultural backgrounds, and language proficiencies.

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