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The 3 Kitchen project team in Krokom have met on several occasions since December 2023 to mobilize and inspire women with foreign backgrounds in the municipality to know about our 3 kitchen project, to contribute with interest and food culture as a starting point to equip migrant women with the skills, language and confidence needed for volunteering in the food industry.

13 migrant women and representatives of 5 local associations, 4 companies in the food industry and the municipality’s nutrition department, have actively participated, together with project management and project staff and volunteers.

We in Krokom have met several times during early spring 2024 to share information in the Volunteer guide that we develop in the project and also test in practical everyday life. We are planning an event together at the end of May.

Network meeting with local associations and enthusiasts in Krokom, combined with cooking together – discussing opportunities for joint events and being involved as a non-profit, volunteer.

Ulla Landenmark, project manager,  April-24

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