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From Direct Provision to Opening a Restaurant

Funké Egberongbe arrived in Ireland as a refugee from Nigeria in 2005. She encountered many challenges when she arrived, including learning the different culture, language and dealing with the system. Funké spent ten years in direct provision and part of that time was in Globe House in Sligo. Food was provided to the people in Globe House, and it broke her Funké’s heart to see the amount of food wasted because the residents didn’t like it and it wasn’t the food that they were used to. So, she approached the management and asked if she could cook for the residents, it took a lot of convincing, but they finally agreed and Funké was delighted when all the food she prepared was eaten. She fell in love with the kitchen equipment and the amount of space that she had to prepare food. This inspired her idea of wanting her own restaurant.

In 2015 Funké left direct provision and enrolled in further education courses, including a start your own business course. She went on to do a Bachelor Applied Science. Nutrition, Food and Business Management degree course in St. Angela’s College and graduated in 2021.

Funké started her business from home, offering takeaway and deliveries. She also perfected her own signature Jollof Sauce, which is for sale at Supervalu Ireland. The dream was always to open her own restaurant, and in 2023 that dream became a reality When she opened the doors of “FUNKÉ” offering a tantalizing experience that captures the essence of the Caribbean islands and the rich cultural tapestry of the African diaspora right in the heart of Sligo.

The restaurant is committed to bringing together the multi-cultural layers of Sligo community. “FUNKÉ” actively seeks out local suppliers and uses sustainable and fresh ingredients whenever possible. “FUNKÉ” also plans to engage with the local community through various events and initiatives, fostering cultural exchange and creating a vibrant atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Find out more about “FUNKÉ” on the website:

“FUNKÉ” is a wonderful example for our 3 Kitchens Project. The Steps to Employment Work Package focuses on designing and piloting an employability program specifically for migrant women seeking careers in the food industry. It covers technical skills, workplace skills, language and communication skills, job search support, mentorship, and industry connections. These comprehensive and tailored training programs will equip migrant women with the necessary skills and resources to enter the food industry as an employee successfully. Keep an eye on our website for further updates.

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